It's been a wild ride so far!

Headquartered in the technological Epicenter that is Savannah, Tennessee, our main office is a remodeled, small solid house, built in the 1940's by my Grandfather Clyde Franks. Lots of Work and Sweat went into building it and lots of Work and Sweat goes into every project --- that hasn't changed.

Cool stuff we've done:

A Documentary
National Commercials
Country Music Videos
A National Outdoors show
A Few Addy awards
Over 100 websites
Over 500 videos
Photography, Brochures and design for numerous clients
 ERP and MRP Software implementaion
IT Services and Management for over 12 companies
Quoting Software customization and implementation
Custom Project management Software
Mobile apps for Warranty tracking

We even set up computer workstations and printers along the way.

Heck, We love what we do...

Our Team 


Joel Franks

Need to know:

What started as a part time job in High School, turned out to be more. Video production started the ball rolling in 1987  and Windward Media version 1.0 was launched in 1992 and has transformed to meet the changing needs of clients.

Stuff you dont need to know:

Family and Faith , Comic book/Movie nerd,

Crossfit addict.

Brent Drobina

Need to know:

Began programming and system's repair in 1991, network troubleshooting in 1995, and electronics technician in 1997. Was introduced to Windward Media in 2001 where these and other various skills were combined to meet the broad needs of Windward's cliental.

Stuff you dont need to know:

Faith & family first, movie watcher, avid tinkerer, gym addict, HAM operator, enjoys outdoors​

Sabrina Franks

Need to know:

I have over 20 years in customer service/ accounts and office management experience as well as 10 years in manufacturing. Currently I work almost daily on video productions, graphics and editing.

Stuff you dont need to know:

10 years as vet tech which turned me into a dog nut. I own an 8 Year old Boxer named Denver and a 1 year old Scottish Terrier named Rookie. I have an unhealthy attachment to the Denver Broncos and football in general... oh and chocolate... oh yea and Pinterest. I have a soon to be 16 year old son who I am crazy about and I am married to the "crossfitting comic book nerd" on here.


Mike Younker

Need to know:

What began as a way to pass the time on a tour bus, programming became a lifelong obsession. While technologies have come and gone, development never stops. Vast arrays of past projects include but not limited to: dynamic web applications, interactive elearning training simulations, and customized Electronic Medical/Health Record implementations.

Stuff you dont need to know:

Been in an Oscar winning movie, showcased on MTV and won several pizza eating competitions (one of these is false - you decide which).

Lee Alder

Need to know:

I started programming in High School. It was a requirement for a Physics Study Path. After finishing all the required programs in the first 6 weeks my teacher said I should pursue programming as a job, I answered 'It's fun but not to make a living at'.  So I have been a programmer for 20+ years now. I like to call myself 
an 'Interface Specialist, I interface people to their data."

Stuff you dont need to know:

Family and Faith. I am also an avid Ham radio operator and member of ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services).

Micheal Russell

Need to know:
Inspired by comics and Sesame Street, I began drawing at age 8 and never stopped. After 13+ years in school fundraising graphics, tee shirt development and video production, I still enjoy creating visual interest and drama. Beyond being visually strong, it is critical the branding, message and functionality work in harmony. The creative process is just that, a process of uniting idea, input, feedback and purpose.

Stuff you don’t need to know:
A nerd of solitude, lover of nature walks, sunsets, deep tissue massages and silence. Music with no words lets my mind create without being restricted or corrupted by words.

We are a full service technology company