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American Bath Group has been honored with the 2023 MACH Impact Innovation Award for Best Overall Change Project. American Bath group, Windward and Konabos travel to Amsterdam to accept this incredible honor.

At Windward Digital, we have an unspoken motto of “to partner with and guide.” We recognize that every customer has unique needs that require specific solutions.

Our simple but effective approach: listen to the customer’s needs, identify solutions, and execute a game plan with excellence.

Our team of strategists, developers, and designers are the pillars of Windward’s success. Still, our client’s success begins with our crucial problem-solving and commonsense approach to inspire change and produce tangible, trackable results.

Rather than being a “takeover” solution provider, we always opt-in for our client’s best advantage regardless of how that affects our bottom lines.

Our team is privileged to partner, guide, and consult with leaders of companies and organizations of all sizes towards their goals with easy-to-understand solutions and cost savings.

Windward Digital Media is a Cerified Sitecore Affiliate and Salesforce Consulting partner

They are a first-rate and high level design agency that we have been working with closely for years. Working with Windward Media is smooth and reliable, they are always responsive and work with the client’s vision in mind.

It’s a pleasure to work with Joel.  He is responsive and accommodating, open-minded and enthusiastic.

Joel and his team possess the valuable ability to “figure it out.” I’ve never requested anything of them that they have not delivered on.

We have recently started working with Windward Media and are very pleased with the results. They are easy to work with and quick to respond while delivering a quality product, helping us drive sales. We have channeled more projects in their direction which allows us to focus on other aspects our  business.

Laurel Mountain Bath has partnered with Windward Media since early 2014.Joel and his team have been key contributors to the significant growth of our business. Windward designed our web site and assists us in managing it. We are currently working with them on the creation of a new, responsive site. They have created over a dozen videos for us, most of which are on with our products. Lowes is our largest customer and Windward has helped to make that happen. Joel and his staff provide us a social media platform for our activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. If you are looking for a partner for your E-Commerce activities, Windward Digital Media would be your “Go To” company.

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